Puget Sound Patriots Endorses Beeler for 26th LD, House of Representatives, Pos 2.

The Puget Sound Patriots Board of Directors wishes to announce an early and strong endorsement of candidate Alisha Beeler for House Representative position No. 2, Washington 26th legislative district. It is a critical time to support constitutional values in Washington’s legislative body and we believe that Alisha Beeler is well suited to help lead Washington to a renewed state of liberty and freedom.

The decision to challenge an incumbent in a primary election is both courageous and timely. Over the last year, we have watched one-party rule attempt to openly demand dramatic tax increases, sneak in ghost bills, institutionalize affirmative “racism,” and promote unconstrained spending that drives endless government growth. From colleges to courts, we suffer constant attacks on religious liberty, freedom of speech and our rightful means of self-defense even while the left provides sanctuary status for violent criminals at the same time. While the homeless communities grow and costs for housing rise, the left virtue signals with plastic bags and plastic straw bans.

This political picture we’ve described has motivated our current demand for a change away from lukewarm representation – neither hot nor cold – of principled conservative values. Instead, we seek someone who can and will be a champion for these values. Therefore; we are excited for the potential of Alisha Beeler’s youth, energy, and values to join in a new era of conservative leadership in the House of Representatives, and we strongly endorse her campaign.


Campaign Manager
Steve Nielson

Alisha Beeler
PMB #325
3377 Bethel Rd STE 107
Port orchard, WA 98366