Teachers deserve competitive wages, students deserve competitive curriculum, our state deserves an education system that works. Our children should not be exposed to sexual education at the elementary school age. Parents should be able to control what their children are learning.

We live in one of the most beautiful and unique locations in the world. As a parent, it is my job to make sure that our home remains healthy, safe, and affordable for generations to come. I will work with our representative team to keep taxes low, reduce crime, and ensure traffic solutions come to our congested roads.

The 26th Legislative District needs representation committed to protecting you from unsustainable taxation. Increased traffic congestion robs valuable time in our lives from our families, reduces the quality of life in our community, and keeps polluting cars on the roads longer. Traffic solutions such as a Gorst bypass and widening highways 3 and 16 will provide the updated infrastructure our community needs for our current and future population.

Olympia has become too comfortable expanding their influence in our daily life and increasing taxes through zero transparency ghost bill practices. Legislators should be transparent with the bills they draft and intend to bring to a vote. I will work to end the practice of “Ghost Bills”. I have a plan to get the economy going again in Washington with the revenue shortfall. That starts with zero-based budgeting, bottom-up and departments get exactly what they need and nothing more; using the power of the auditor to look at the programs where the money is going out and if the program isn’t seeing results, we cut it; less regulation on our small businesses and the construction industry; and cutting the salaries of state college presidents and vice presidents (did you know Olympic College president makes more than our governor?

Our 2nd amendment rights are always under attack, but more so all of our Constitutional rights are. Our civil liberties are being picked apart. It is time to end this practice and stick to the State and Federal Constitution. The horrible sexual education bill that was passed this past session was horrendous. I worked hard to collect signatures and we were able to collect enough to get it on the ballot in the November election, remember to repeal!! Our kids do not need to learn how to pleasure themselves in grade school. It is time to restore honesty, integrity, and respect to the 26th position 2 and I am the girl to do it!